What we do
Following a tradition that places our company in the field of high precision machining on medium - large items for chip removal, today Mara performs the following types of work:
Productivity is respectable, with an annual production capacity of about 1000 items. But to meet technological and market challenges, a little more was needed, first quality reached:
- Boring
- Tapping
- Milling
- Reaming
- Carbon steel (low / high bound)
- Stainless steel (austenitic)
- Cast iron (ferrite, pearlite and spheroidal)
- Aluminum (in castings and laminates)
- Casting and forging of medium to large size in any kind of product
- Welded steel structures
- Laminates
On the basis of the policy pursued by the General Managment, Mara has achieved ambitious goals in obtaining orders from different sectors, acquiring new customers from among the most prestigious national and international groups. The General Management of Mara SRL, however, does not consider the level reached as a final objective, but only a transient position with a view to continuous improvement in order to offer their customers a service of excellence.

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